Week 7 – Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is very strange – everything from its artwork to its characters to its story and just general plot is very odd and bizarre and eccentric. The artwork was something I noticed and loved particularly. The Doom Patrol group mentioned specifically how the artwork and the comic in general felt very psychedelic in a way. I definitely agree with this. The artwork was so bright and vibrant and eye popping – just like its characters, and the overall story and plot in general of the comic, it was weird and I really loved that. I liked that the bold artwork really reflected the weirdness of the characters and the story.

I really liked the way this comic started. It wasn’t your typical origin story, establishing the characters from when they were younger and acquired their powers, but it started off showing the characters how they got injured severely. It just felt different from other comics, and I really enjoyed that.

I love the overall message of Doom Patrol, about outsiders, and accepting the fact that you’re an outsider, and how that isn’t totally a bad thing. Doom Patrol follows a group of ‘misfit’ superheroes who are alienated because of their superpower. The comic reminded me a bit of the X-men comics and movies, since those are about superhero mutants who also face alienation and oppression because of their superpowers. Right off the bat, I noticed the similarity.

Since I’ve never read comics before this class, I had never heard of Doom Patrol. It seemed like a really niche comic that only comic lovers would know of, but after reading this comic, I’m pretty surprised that it’s not more popular, because I think it should be. With its positive message and eccentric characters, I wish this group of superheroes was more popular.

5 thoughts on “Week 7 – Doom Patrol

  1. Hey Melina! This was my first time reading Doom Patrol as well and I am just as surprised as you that this comic series is not more well known as the heroes here are very much outsiders alienated from other superheroes because of their powers, thus there is a sense of alienation from the norm that I think many might connect to. I too like how bright and colourful the illustrations of the comic were as the bold art reflected the wakness of Doom Patrol.


  2. Hi Melina,
    I really enjoyed reading your post because it was short, sweet and to the point (unlike mine). I hope you don’t mind but I mentioned that there were classmates who compared Doom patrol to the X-Men as a wink to your post since I really liked that analogy. I also loved the artwork and thought that it stood out from others that we’ve seen before. Overall, nice job on your post!


  3. Hey, I definitely agree that the artwork was interesting and bold as you have said. I think it also nicely fits with how the comic also starts off very different and weird than mosf!


  4. Great Post! I must agree with you behind loving the message that Doom Patrol sends about being an outsider and accepting yourself. I find that comic that have ingrained messages such as Doom Patrol or Black Panther add another dimension to themselves by adding such real life lessons and philosophies !


  5. Hey, I definitely agree with you that the beginning of this comic really sets the comic apart from others, the lack of an origin story really adds to the mystique of the comic and the intrigue of the comic as a whole


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