Ghost World

I had seen the movie Ghost World before reading this comic, so I was familiar with the story already, and excited to read the comic because I liked the movie so much. And, like the movie, it is very depressing.

One thing that we discussed in class that I found really interesting was the colour palette, and why it was covered in blue hues. It was meant to represent this fleeting ‘transitory’ moment in Enid’s life – I found Daniel Clowes’ story about how he came to choose the colour blue as the colour palette for the comic really interesting. He said when he was a teenager, he would walk around at night when everyone was coming back from work and school and everything felt dark except for this blue-ish hue that reflected off of everyone’s TV.

One thing that I liked about this comic was its portrayal of young female friendship. Like we discussed in class, friendships between women, particularly young women, are never really represented in media and when they are it’s usually in a mean, unfriendly, hostile sort of way. Rebecca and Enid are two complex characters with different personalities. It was definitely not a perfect portrayal of friendship, because at times Enid was very rude and dismissive of Rebecca, but at least it felt honest and genuine, which so many friendships/relationships (male or female) portrayed on screen or in literature do not.

I think ultimately, this is a story about cusps – that very specific in-between stage that we all go through after graduating high school and figuring out what we want to do for the rest of our lives. It’s not only about growing up, but it’s the about the moment just before you have to grow up, before a new world is thrust upon you – a new world coloured by loss, love, and growing apart from friends. I like how Ghost World is set in a faceless town which could be any major city, really, and I like how specific, yet universal the story felt at the same time.


1 thought on “Ghost World

  1. Hey Melina! Awesome post, really interesting I didn’t know that there was a Ghost World movie, I’m gonna have to check that out. I wonder if it uses the same techniques or variations on them, like the use of blue we talked about in class


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